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Ramadhan  ya marhaban,

Thank god  my first day of ramadhan went by, and tomorrow i'll try my best again better than today about everything how i speak, how i behave to each other friend and people around me, please God help me to become one person who would You love.

My condolence to all my friends in Indonesia whose last night hit by earthquake, i'm so sad, every year my country always struck by disaster. And make me think, what's wrong with our people, is it not enough the punishments for us???? or just wanna see us suffer???? but we already suffered by our stupid goverment, nah i don't know what to think anymore, just hope that everytime disaster strike us, we become stronger and still keep our faith, no matter what.

Happy Ramadhan to whoever celebrate it.


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Happy Skipper


Yepp that one make all fans happy, he's one of the choice from fourfourtwo magazine October edition to become one of the best players in the world. Am I happy with that???? ecstatic the way i feel, but somewhat imagine he's at top 5 in the list. He's number 6 behind Kaka, C Ronaldo, Ronaldinho, Henry and Messi. And Torres!!!!! he make it to number 34 list, i'm sure he'll progress fast next time and become number 1 list, cheerrssss!!!!!!!!!!! oh and to make my day more brighter Mascherano (94) and Carra (97) make it too, but waitttt?????? where the hell was Xabi?????? he's not there!!!!! make me mad. He's one of the best there in the field, somehow they forgot it, right???
Just remember guys, the next time you choose best player, you include him!!!!!!!!

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our boys on last pre-session

i know this is a way too late due to my missing software and my lack of knowledge how to post it in lj, the video a bit too blured because i was too excited, sorryyyyyy ... (at least i got Alonso's back in the end haha)

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At last i can create and read journal from my new found friends here in livejournal. After i watch the friendly match of liverpool here in hongkong, then i start surfing news about them what they do and like during 1 week stay  here in Hongkong. Accidentally i knew about this Livejournal, that time i start reading the fiction of elynn 'coz i'm also a fans of Steven Gerrard.

And i thank elynn for accepting me as one of her friends. I looking forward to gain more friends through this site.

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